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The Set-up

He entered the room and immediately felt nervous. He was specifically told to arrive an hour early. His friend Jordan was  trying to set him up with a woman that she met at work a few months ago. She had been trying to introduce them for weeks but he always managed to avoid it.  Tonight was Jordan and Maya’s house warming and he had no choice but to attend. They thought that he was unhappy being single after the whole situation that happened with his ex. The truth is, he was doing just fine. Even though it had been 2 years since they broke up, he was in no rush to be serious with anyone. Not that he wasn’t lonely from time to time but he kept himself busy with work.

He hugged them both  and handed them the blender he bought them. Maya thanked him and proceeded to bring the gift to the kitchen as Jordan started giving him the tour of the apartment. They knew each other since College and they managed to keep in touch for almost 10 years after graduation.  Maya and Jordan were both attractive young women but he never even had the option of dating either of them. Maya and Jordan had been in a committed relationship since college and planned to get married next year. As he was admiring their beautiful apartment, he caught his reflection in the mirror near the door and adjusted his shirt. He had his mother to think for his dark chocolate skin and hazel eyes. At 6’3 and 270 lbs, he was considered a big guy but it was just more of him to love. He started to wonder where the woman he was supposed to meet was hiding.He hadn’t seen her walk in and he grew more and more anxious.

Finally, Jordan called her name and she came inside from the balcony. As she approached him, he examined her more closely and admired her buttery brown skin, her full lips and her heart shaped face surrounded by shoulder length dreadlocks. Her black dress allowed him to notice her subtle cleavage and her shapely hips. She had to be at least 6 feet tall. She smiled at him and gave him a hug as she introduced herself as Kayla. For a second, he forgot why he was against this set-up in the first place. He hoped that she was attracted to him as much as he was attracted to her.

As the night went on, more guests arrived but they barely noticed because they were focused on each other. They talked all night long on the balcony away from the others. He felt so drawn to her that he wished that he could hold her and kiss her right then and there. However, he knew it would be deemed inappropriate so he kept a safe distance. At the end of the night, he offered to take her home. She agreed but halfway to her house she mentioned that she was really hungry. Eager to spend as much time with her as possible, he suggested they get breakfast at a 24-hour restaurant that he loved.  She enthusiastically agreed.

The restaurant was empty with the exception of a young couple seated in the back. They ordered pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages and coffee.  They enjoyed their delicious breakfast, all the while, talking about their childhood, their cultural backgrounds and their common interests. Sometimes it felt like they had so much in common. Other times, he found himself pulled in by her stories, her experiences. She had been through a lot but she did not consider herself a victim.

She opened up so much that it gave him the courage to tell her about his last serious relationship. He told her about how they had been together since college and he thought they would build a life together. He even revealed the fact that he walked in on her sleeping with one of his closest friends. She empathized with him and thanked him for sharing something so painful with her. Once they were done eating, he signaled for the bill but she grinned and told him she already paid it while he was in the bathroom. He shook his head and smiled. She probably knew he would have paid but he appreciated the gesture. He hoped to return the favor soon.

Finally, they were both getting tired so he drove her home. They parked in front of her apartment  building and continued to chat and listen to music, yet another thing they had in common. After about half an hour of sharing their favorite tracks with each other she told him that she should say goodnight. He looked at her intently, wanting so bad to kiss her but not wanting to ruin a perfect night by being too presumptuous. He leaned in to give her a hug and she kissed him. He was glad she did and he prolonged the kiss for as long as he possibly could. When they finally stopped, his heart was racing a mile a minute. She smiled, said goodnight and stepped out of the car. He waited for her to get inside the building before he drove away.

Only when he was almost home did he realize he did not get her contact information. He thought about asking Maya or Jordan for her information but he did not want them to know how anxious he was to contact her. He decided that he would deal with it in the morning so he showered and got into bed. No matter how hard he tried, he could not stop thinking about her.  As he picked up his phone to distract himself before falling asleep, he noticed that he had his Facebook page open. He took a leap of faith and entered her first name, hoping he could find her but without her last name it was hopeless. He finally drifted off to sleep.

He woke up the next morning to a text from an unsaved number:

 Hey It’s Kayla, Jordan put your number on my phone before we left their apartment last night, in case I wanted to keep in touch and I do. So here’s my number in case you feel the same way. Goodnight 🙂 

He was ecstatic. She must have been thinking about him too and sent the text before falling asleep. He replied right away letting her know that he was in fact interested in seeing her again. As he lay in bed thinking about the previous night, he could feel himself falling for her already.  He felt in his heart that this time, it would be different. Although he did not know it yet, he would always remember that night as the night he met his wife.


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