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Resilient Heart

I’ve been through so much pain, heartache and emotional turmoil that I wonder how I’m still standing. I’ve been misled, used and taken for granted countless times. How is it that every day, I wake up hopeful that true love will find me?

Where do I get the strength to continue to be receptive no matter how many times I’ve opened up to the wrong person? Sometimes, I wonder what my metaphorical heart must look like. Is it full of scars and bruises? Does it look like a cracked mirror attempting to hold itself together?

I often fear that there will come a day when I will have nothing left to give. A time when this resilient heart of mine will be shattered beyond repair. I fear that my soulmate will attempt to put it back together over and over again, continuously failing. If that ever happens, I expect that he does not give up on me. I believe that he’ll have the patience to keep trying and to help me unlearn all the pain that I’ve come to expect from the men I’ve trusted in the past.

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