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Resilient Heart

I've been through so much pain, heartache and emotional turmoil that I wonder how I'm still standing. I've been misled, used and taken for granted countless times. How is it that every day, I wake up hopeful that true love will find me? Where do I get the strength to continue to be receptive no… Continue reading Resilient Heart

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How Does It Feel?

How does it feel to wake up every day with a purpose? To work in a field that you love or to have a career that you're proud of? How does it feel to have faith? To be absolutely certain that God is on your side and that no matter what, he will not let… Continue reading How Does It Feel?


The Friendzone: Michael Part 2

Link to The Friendzone: Michael part 1 *********************************************************************** So here I was, once again, confused by my feelings for this man. I was so sure that  we would never get physical again but the one time I let my guard down, I lost all control. It was different from the first time. This time we… Continue reading The Friendzone: Michael Part 2